Why is everyone so into Social Media?

Social Media has been there for years, but why is it so present these days or why is everyone seems so present on Social Media these days?

Personally, whenever I’m bored, stressed, frustrated or lonely, social media becomes my go-to thing.

I think people have been on Social Media recently due to the pandemic people need to stay indoors without anything to do, so they just spend most of their times in their phones and stay connected in Social Media

I think these tech giants have wisely built these social media platforms in a way that everyone would be hooked to them.

For an introvert like me, social media is like a tool for me to know the things that are happening to my friends without me asking them directly. Sometimes, it’s helpful, but sometimes I find it draining as well. I’m not like everyone who’s into social media, but I find it helpful at times.

Whenever I get bored, I’ll tune into social media. So maybe many people want to kill boredom that’s why they are also into Social Media :woman_shrugging: