Why is everyone so into Social Media?

Social Media has been there for years, but why is it so present these days or why is everyone seems so present on Social Media these days?

Personally, whenever I’m bored, stressed, frustrated or lonely, social media becomes my go-to thing.

I think people have been on Social Media recently due to the pandemic people need to stay indoors without anything to do, so they just spend most of their times in their phones and stay connected in Social Media

I think these tech giants have wisely built these social media platforms in a way that everyone would be hooked to them.

For an introvert like me, social media is like a tool for me to know the things that are happening to my friends without me asking them directly. Sometimes, it’s helpful, but sometimes I find it draining as well. I’m not like everyone who’s into social media, but I find it helpful at times.

Whenever I get bored, I’ll tune into social media. So maybe many people want to kill boredom that’s why they are also into Social Media :woman_shrugging:

I think Social Media can give us the validation that we are seeking internally through likes.

You’ll become irrelevant and out of place if you’re not into Social Media

This is true, even for me. Social Media is the best tool to kill boredom and people are always bored that’s why everyone’s into it.

Social Media allows you to make a digital diary for yourself through your stories and posts, I guess. That is what I use my Social Media for. I actually appreciate Facebook’s memories. It makes me reminisce about the old days and see how far I’ve come even when I feel stagnant.

I guess for introvert people, social media is a big help to socialize even when it’s just online, since they are being held back by their personality. So I think, more introvert people are into it, they can even mask or hide their identity in these platforms.

It’s very basic for me, to connect and keep in touch with my friends and family, especially since I’m working overseas.

I actually use Social Media to keep myself updated with the news and trending stuff. Although I’m getting older, I don’t want to feel outdated about the things that are happening in the world today.

I guess people can maximize their social media use nowadays by using it as a platform to earn money by live or online selling.

Yes, Social Media helped my small business to grow and gain more customers.

Most people are sad in real life I guess, and so they are creating another world on Social Media platforms portraying that they are having the time of their life and they have it all together!

People are already addicted to it, Social Media triggers something in people that makes them happy or feel rewarded whenever they receive likes or whatsoever. I’ve read in an article that it has a scientific basis.

These days, social media has many features added on their platform that makes the users engaged, that’s why they are so into it.

Why is everyone into Social Media? I don’t know as well cause I’m not into Social Media, it’s my way of keeping my peace :sweat_smile:

The need to capture and share memories makes Social media useful and fun

I think there are more pros than cons with Social Media, it’s just a matter of using it wisely.