Why does Social media almost look the same nowadays?

Did you notice that too? Almost all features of the Social media platforms are the same, with no distinct factor anymore. I don’t see the purpose of having different accounts in these social media platforms if they almost have the same features.

Yes, I noticed that too. When I check my social media accounts, they almost look the same, the same pictures, videos, stories, reels… they no longer have distinct functions.

I think it’s either the users just stick to one platform cause it’s redundant or these companies try to solidify their distinct features. I’m getting tired of Social Media nowadays.

Same sentiments but I guess, people want to be seen on multiple social media platforms!

I think these Social Media platforms are competing for our attention and ended up copying each other’s features that’s why they almost all look the same.

I think these are true. But I’m not sure if that’s still healthy competition. I think there should still be that one feature that stands out for these Social Media platforms.