What the hell happened here

Ever complaining about what the hell happened here in our world, in our time?
With the pandemic and all, somehow it seemed like the world stopped and confined us in our homes. But instead of dwelling on that fact, we might as well view this time as an opportunity. We’re in a digital age now, and almost everything is being done online, from socializing to deliveries and even work setup. Almost everything is online! We must as well thrive on it :100:

Yes, I believe that there is really so much opportunity online despite the pandemic that we are in, so instead of complaining or wallowing what the hell happened and is still happening, we might as well channel our thoughts and time seeking these opportunities :slightly_smiling_face:

literally what the hell happened here in this world
WHAT THE HELL :woman_facepalming:t2:

I think instead of focusing on what happened, just focus on how to adapt and make the most out of what is happening