TikTok shadownban is unbelievable

Hey, have you experienced being shadowbanned by TikTok? Do you know why they are doing that or did I violate anything for my account to be banned?

How did you know that your TikTok account was shadownbanned?

Before my videos went 1m and 99% fyp but now it’s 0% :man_facepalming:
That’s very unusual I guess. So I think my account was shadowbanned.

Have you tried doing more lengthy content, see if you think your TikTok account is still shadowbanned cause I think it’s not.

Are you going live regularly as well? Try that and see if something changes in your TikTok account. Also consistently post contents as well, and try to monitor it on your friend’s account and device so you will know if it’s visible or not, then you can maybe conclude if it’s really shadowbanned or you’re just lacking in contents.

Hmm, I’ll try out your suggestions like posting lengthy videos on a regular basis, and see if anything changes.

Have you tried creating a different TikTok account then you should post the same videos and see if something like this would happen again, if it does, maybe it really does have something to do with the content you’re posting.

Here’s what I’ve tried which I think worked, I posted longer videos than usual and I’m back with the engagement rate spiking up so I think it’s no longer shadowbanned, or maybe my TikTok account was not shadowbanned in the first place.