TikTok keeps replaying videos

Recently, I just noticed that my TikTok keeps on replaying videos that I’ve seen before, seems like they are on the loop and I can only just see new videos like one or two inserted in the loop. Why is this happening? Is it only me? I hate this.

Hmm, I think this relates to their algorithm. Maybe try deliberately searching for other kinds of videos and maybe try to alter the algorithm maybe this will prevent TikTok from showing you the same videos over and over again.

This is correct, you just have to try and watch as many videos of other niche by intentionally searching for it then after several videos you’ll notice a bunch of videos on the niche you’ve been searching, it might not refresh all, but definitely there will be some changes

what if that doesn’t change anything what other stuff can be done ?

Maybe you should try contacting TikTok support and suggest ways how to somehow reset your feed.

If TikTok keeps replaying videos, maybe you are not trying to browse other videos intentionally, Just mindless scrolling whatever TikTok feeds you. making your video selections in circles.

maybe this has something to do with their algorithm? cause in my case, my old posted videos are generating a lot of views.