TikTok for teaching

Some teachers tap TikTok to educate and connect with students. It’s helpful in a way that it keeps them interested and engaged even in a short clip. However, others are wary of the decline in student attention spans, and the information there is not verified so they might be led to incorrect information. What do you think?

I think it would be hard to use this as a formal medium of teaching to the kids especially since there are many stuff that they can view on the platform that may leave them distracted from the actual lessons.

I think students are into TikTok because they are just short clips that they can digest right away, unlike long curated videos that tends to be boring. So they might really get something from it, if they are interested in something.

I think TikTok can be actually helpful in highlighting the key points from a lesson as a recap for the students once they are at home. That way, they will be reminded of the lesson and not forget it right after class.

This is correct, if TikTok can be used so that students will be reminded of their daily lessons even at home in a more fun way, then the information retention will be longer! :relaxed:

TikTok can really be used to educate students. However, if they are in a platform with many distractions aside from the videos that they are supposed to watch, I think it will do more harm than good on the student’s ability to focus.

TikTok is a really nice jumping point for education. You might even go to the library and pick up a book about something that you just heard about on TikTok

Using TikTok as an educational tool might be used by the students as an excuse for staying in the platform way too long.

I think using TikTok for learning will incorporate joy into the learning experience of the students. They might not end up yawning while they’re learning. They might even get excited instead of being dreadful about it.

I think using TikTok as an educational tool depends on how the teacher will use it as a form of teaching, not a distraction.

I would be thrilled as a student if my teachers use TikTok as part of our studies!

As a student who can’t focus much on his/her studies, I think TikTok would worsen that condition. So if this would really be part of the curriculum, they should conduct more studies on its effectiveness instead of using it right away.

This is what I think so as well. Teachers shouldn’t decide on their own to use this as a medium of teaching, a study must be conducted first.

I think there’s no need to formalize it or incorporate using TikTok as one of the mediums of teaching at schools. I think it depends on the teacher’s strategy on how she will teach and allow her students to understand and retain the information he’s/she’s been feeding them.

TikTok for teaching would be very hard to monitor. You’ll never know if the students are really spending their time studying or binge watching

I don’t think you need to monitor that for students anymore. As long as you’re setting them instructions on where to use TikTok for their learning it’s all good. You can’t be with your students 24/7 and you can’t control them.

Yes, I think TikTok can be used for teaching, it’s already being used widely by the students at home anyways, so you just have to introduce a new way that TikTok can be used. That it’s not just a source of fun or entertainment but of knowledge and useful stuff as well.