Thoughts on being bad at stuff

I always thought I might be bad in everything that I do. Nothing seems to be working out the way I want them to, and with the pandemic still going on, it highlighted that thought even more.
That thought of being bad kept me in prison and held me back, I want to start over and start believing again. I want to revamp my career, I want to mature. I want that thought of being bad to be replaced with something good and lasting. I just want to let it out there, in case there are some here who feel that way. It’s not too late to reset and start again! :100: :heart_decoration:

I think anybody can’t help but have thoughts like these, like being bad at stuff. We will all go through times like that, I guess, especially today :roll_eyes:

I think it’s pretty normal to have those thoughts, those thoughts that bring you down at times, those thoughts that you are bad at stuff, those thoughts that you are not good enough. I think you just have to pick yourself up and motivate yourself. Just keep going and keep trying!

Just brush off those thoughts that you are bad at stuff, just strive harder than anyone else if you think you are bad at one stuff. Everything can be learn for a person who’s willing :blush:

If you’re having thoughts on being bad at stuff, you should also have thoughts on being good at stuff :wink: