Suggested Instagram accounts

I’m freaking out with the “suggested for you” by Instagram. I have 0 Instagram followers, I rejected IG from seeing my contacts, yet it suggests one of my coworkers who lives in another country, who I haven’t spoken to or contacted for years.

I even emailed someone this morning from a different email I’ve set up for my IG account, yet I also saw this person in my suggested accounts.

How is this happening? I don’t want the people I’m connected with personally to see my IG account, yet it’s happening. This sucks.

Have you read the privacy policy of Instagram or of any other platforms? They can track you across multiple apps, maybe that’s why these Instagram accounts are being suggested to you.

Yes, I know that it can track me across apps that’s why I used another email, a new one, for my Instagram account.

I guess Instagram has its way of tracking you more than just your email or contacts, I don’t know how but it’s not impossible. Maybe just try to alter the algorithm for ow by deleting the suggested Instagram accounts for a couple of times and see if the next suggestions are still like that.

Yes, I’ve read it. That’s why I did not permit its access to my contacts. Yet, here we are

Let me try this one. Have you tried it on your end already?