Snapchat notifications

If I unadded someone on snap me, would it send a notification to that person that I did so?

I don’t think Snapchat will send notifications for unadding someone on their platform

I don’t think the person you removed will be notified of your action, unless they specifically snap you and discover you’ve unadded him/her

Yes, this happened to me, I unadded someone quietly. But he tried to snap me one time, and he can’t so he realized I unadded him and messaged me on a different platform asking me about it.

Is there a way that my friend won’t see my Snapchat anymore?

Just block him on Snapchat that would just do it! It won’t send any notifications on him.

I think of you really unlike someone, silently blocking them or unadding them on Snapchat won’t cut it. Just chat with them or tell them why you’re doing that in the first place.