Sharing of contents in Social Networks

On which social network should you share content most frequently? There are so many social networking sites recently. And sometimes, it’s a bit exhausting to post frequently on all of those social networks. So which one do you prefer to share your content mostly? I myself usually post on Instagram, it’s a bit less toxic than Facebook for me.


Same as you, I also prefer to share my contents on Instagram plus it’s more aesthetic than Facebook which is clouded by ads :rofl: :rofl:

If Tiktok is considered a Social Network, then it’s Tiktok for me. Ever since the pandemic started, it has been so boring to just stay inside the house. And then, Tiktok became doubly popular since people keep on posting and sharing content inside their homes. And I’m one of them :metal:t2:

I like to post content on Youtube, like daily vlogs. It’s not like much social interaction like the other social networks. But I like it to share long and filled content at times than casually sharing short content daily.

But recently YouTube has the story features as well, so you can change it up a bit and post casual short stories instead of lengthy content! Anyways, it’s your preference, as long as you’re enjoying sharing in Social networks, you’re all good!