Posting videos at midnight

Hey! Have you guys tried to post your TikTok videos at midnight? Cause recently I just noticed that when I post my videos at 2-3 am it blows up my views when I check it in the afternoon. But here’s the thing, my follower activity is relatively high around 6 pm so I think the most views that I got are not from my followers? I only have 1k+ followers and the views I consider blowing up usually get to 10k+ views. Has anyone experienced this??

What time zone are you in? Maybe it’s midnight wherever you may be but in the other parts of the world, it’s their ideal or peak time in scrolling on their phones! :sweat_smile:

Yes, I do experience the same thing, even up until now, though not as much as at the height of the pandemic. I think people are constantly scrolling during that time staying up late or early wherever they are because they have nothing to do :rofl: