Other Snapchatters exist

Whenever I checked who viewed my Snapchat stories, I always see these other snapchatters viewed it. Is there a way for me to check who they are? Or, what does it even mean? How can I remove that list of snapchatters in my stories. It creeps me out :neutral_face:


If you set your profile on Snapchat in public you will definitely see that other Snapchatters. I still don’t know if you can check those Snapchatters who views your story :roll_eyes:

I’m not a huge Snapchat user but I also see this kind of “Snapchatters” on my Facebook stories as well and I think there’s really no way to check who these people are :sleepy:

There’s no way for you to see the names of these Snapchatters. I tried exploring my Snapchat settings but there’s no way of checking it. But what you can do is to set your profile on private, then, only your friends would be able to see your Snapchat stories not those anonymous other Snapchatters. Hope I was able to help :slightly_smiling_face: