Is the Internet more fun back then than today?

Back then, when the Internet is still in its early days, it felt like it was a place to explore, experiment, and gather the information that is not readily available or just hard to find in books. It’s more about providing functionality rather than focusing on aesthetics.

Today, the Internet feels like one huge corporate thing, where the end goal is to make money one way or the other.

I feel like the Internet is more fun today than before. You can certainly do more fun things on it due to its advancement

I feel like the Internet is way more fun before in a sense that it’s being used in it’s default purpose, for research and to connect globally. Now it’s still being used that way and even more, but, the toxicity of today’s social media sometimes outweigh the good in it. And that’s not fun anymore.

I think the Internet is less fun nowadays cause everything has been templated and curated. Nothing much personal really.

I think it was no longer as exciting for me when I was young. Maybe it’s more fun for the young generation because they live in this Internet world.

I think it’s more fun today than before. Who could have thought that living in the era of the Internet would open up a lot of unconventional job opportunities to many people?

The Internet is definitely more fun today than before, but life was better before the Internet era. Fewer distractions, a more meaningful social life, and fake news are not rampant.