Is it YouTube or Spotify?

What is your recommended streaming platform? I’m a bit torn about which of these two should I subscribe to for my daily sound trip without the interrupting ads in between songs. Is it YouTube or is it Spotify?

I prefer using Spotify due to the more curated playlists and available songs in there compared to Youtube, I guess :woman_shrugging:

I think you get to have more when you subscribe in Youtube, no ads on videos plus ou have a music streaming platform as well.

I prefer Spotify as well because of the playlists and podcasts available in their platform

I use both Youtube and Spotify, just the free versions though :rofl:

I don’t personally use Youtube or Spotify for music. I’m using Apple Music, I have 6 months free use of it!

For the free version in Spotify, are the ads placed even in the middle of one song?

If I remember it right, if you don’t have Spotify premium, ads are not placed in the middle of a song but in between songs.

Yes, ads are placed in between songs in Spotify not in the middle of a certain song. That’s why I prefer it than youtube.

I think, I’m liking Spotify more now

Why don’t you just get both YouTube and Spotify? I have both

Spotify is the one for me, their audio quality is far better than YouTube music which is very important. Spotify’s audio quality goes up to 320kbps while YouTube music is only at 256kbps.