I'm feeling curious

Hey, I’m feeling curious about so many things, especially with everything that’s happening in the world, do you guys get curious about the online world, how people seemed to have to make a decent, no not decent even for some, a large sum of money with them just sitting in front of their conputers? With the pandemic, almost everyone transitioned to working from home, and I’m just amazed by some who really hit it big when they did. Aren’t you guys curious about how they did it and still continue doing it?

I’m just feeling curious, how about you? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Anything you’ve been feeling curious about lately? :wink:


That’s one thing to feel curious about I guess. How do people earn decent money online, is it even legal? :sweat_smile:
But yeah, it would be helpful if some here can share some insights on how to do so.
Also, I’m feeling curious what skills are needed to be able to work online.

I’m feeling curious about almost everything, how things work out and how things came to be

The thing I’m most curious about these days is when will everything go back to normal? like no pandemic, no masks, no virus, just normal…
that’s what I’m feeling most curious about

I’m feeling curious about the future, will we completely move to a digital age, something like having cryptocurrencies as the main or the only means of transaction instead of the different state currencies that we have right now :thinking: :smirk: