I waste so much time these days

Don’t you feel like you’re wasting so much time these days…?
With the pandemic and all, I feel like that has been my case. Anything you’ve been into these days to make your days seem worthwhile and still seem enjoyable? Time is so precious that I don’t want to waste it anymore :sleepy:

Honestly, it do feels like we are wasting so much time just being at home. We don’t get to move a lot, travel, do fun stuff or just anything outside. With all the restrictions and risks, it’s wise to just stay inside. Anything worthwhile I guess is just spending more time with family, those times will never be considered as wasted.

I don’t think trying to protect ourselves by staying at home means we are wasting so much time. True enough, we are missing out on so many things before but I guess we just have to cope up and adjust these days. Hopeful for a better tomorrow!

I understand why you are feeling that way, the same goes for me. I think we really are going through tough times and it might really feel like all these days passing by are being wasted, but it’s not! We must learn how to cope up and adjust, only then we’ll be able to feel grateful and eventually be productive and enjoy :slight_smile: