I hate the new TikTok

I hate the new TikTok. Oh my bad, it’s Instagram! I got confused!!!
Instagram is trying to look like TikTok and I’m hating it.

Actually, I appreciate their initiative for a change and they are testing it but I do also hope that many people would hate it so they can revert it back to default. Reels are kinda annoying for me.
I want to see PICTURES on Instagram.

I think they should really remove the reels thing! They should stick to their identity as a photo app and let people have it that way. Having the same features in different social media apps is a bit redundant for me. It’s not fun anymore :roll_eyes: :face_exhaling:

I also dislike Instagram’s new reel layout, seems like they are into increasing engagement for advertisements that’s why they are doing this but they are slowly losing their identity.

I’m losing my interest in Instagram lately too, I’ll just go to Tiktok, it’s the same anyways