How To Tag Someone On Instagram Story

Whenever we post group pictures or we just want to show something to our friends on our Instagram story, we like to tag or mention our friends who are in it. There’s even a feature on Instagram that when you tag someone, your friends will all be notified individually. Those friends whom you mentioned in your Instagram story will have the option to grab that photo and share it with their own IG story.

There are two ways how to tag someone on instagram story.

Using the “Add text” feature

Once the photo has been added, you just have to click the “add text” icon and type the symbol “@” and type the Instagram username of your friend, once you’ve seen their profile picture, just select it, and then Instagram will e able to tag it to them. To verify that you have tagged them already, their username should be underline upon selection. You can also check your messages and when you see that a message of you tagging that friend appears, then it has been tagged correctly to them.

Using the “@mention” sticker

First, you have to click the sticker icon and search for the @mention sticker. Once you have selected it and the sticker has been displayed on the photo, you can click the sticker so you can choose your preferred display of the @mention sticker. Then you can just type the username and select your friend’s username. And, you’re all set.

If you’re trying to tag someone and you can’t find her profile picture on the suggestion even though you’ve typed the correct username, maybe that person has changed who can tag them in their privacy settings.

You have a maximum limit of 10 people that you can tag or mention in your Instagram story! Make sure that you tag the right ones. It’s awkward if you happen to tag it to the wrong person!


Oh, I didn’t know that you can just simply add text and type “@” symbol and you can already tag someone on your Instagram Story. I always use the @mention sticker found on Instagram sticker option :100:

Can I also use these steps on how to tag someone on Instagram story on my Facebook story as well??

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Hey, almost the same! What I do is I don’t set up my Instagram story to automatically post on my Facebook as well. What I do is I download my Instagram story page and then upload it separately on Facebook so I can tag the Facebook account of my friends :sunglasses: :sunglasses: