How To Get The Soulmate Filter On Tiktok?

There are trending Tiktok videos going around and the so-called “Soulmate Filter” is responsible for it. But it’s not one of the usual filters found in Tiktok. The answer on How to get the soulmate filter on Tiktok lies on having an Instagram account. Yes, you’ve heard it right, an Instagram account. This is because the Soulmate filter originated from Instagram and it is not directly available on Tiktok.

So for you to be able to get the soulmate filter on Tiktok, you must first log in to your Instagram account and follow a certain profile “Erika Sacks”. She is the creator of the filter and the moment that you follow her, you’ll have the access to all the filters that she created including the Soulmate filter. It’s actually called “Soulmate Radar” specifically. Since you can’t download the filter itself, once you have found the Soulmate Radar filter, you should click it and create a story, afterwards you can download it. You have the option to record a video using the soulmate filter and share it to your Instagram story but you also have the option to not share it on Instagram and directly download it and upload it on Tiktok. It’s more fun to join in on this soulmate filter Tiktok trend than just post it on your daily Instagram story. Upon uploading the video, you must also add some tweaks to your Tiktok post.


I’ve been wondering how to get this Soulmate Filter on Tiktok and I won’t really find it since I’m looking in the wrong place :woman_facepalming:t2: The answer is Instagram! This post is helpful. Thanks :heart_eyes:

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Even though the soulmate filter originated in Instagram, there’s no fun in just sharing it to my Instagram story :roll_eyes: I’d love to share it with the Tiktok community and join in with the trend :star_struck: :star_struck:

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I would love to apply this filter on my next Tiktok post! :100:
Now I know how to do it! :see_no_evil: :dizzy:

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Yes, that’s the catch for this Soulmate Filter! The filter that you want at Tiktok can only be found in Instagram :sweat_smile: :laughing:

Exactly that’s the goal to join in in the fun on Tiktok! Let’s join the Soulmate Filter Party there :partying_face: :partying_face:

I’m happy to help! Let’s use this Soulmate Filter on Tiktok now! :100: :100: