How To Delete Snapchat Account

It’s understandable to grow tired of an app and just simply uninstall it. But for Social Media apps where we have accounts, we must delete our accounts for safety and security purposes as well. With the changes and updates of Social media apps that the users sometimes find unhelpful or annoying, sometimes, they would no longer want to use them. A classic example is Snapchat. There’s ongoing talks about the updated features of Snapchat that users are not happy about that’s why they no longer want to use or be a part of the platform. Good thing is the delete feature on Snapchat is now available via phone as well. Before, you could only delete your Snapchat account on the desktop.

Here’s how to delete Snapchat Account:

You have to open your Snapchat account, confirm your login details. Select your avatar on the corner and go to settings. Choose “Help Centre” and under the Support section, select “My Account and Security” -> “Account Information” -> “Delete my Account”.

But you need to be informed that once you have deleted your Snapchat Account, it is still not permanently deleted. It’s only deactivated for 30 days, if you happen to change your mind about your decision to delete your account, you can just simply login to your account and it will be activated again. It may take up to 24 hours before your deactivated account will be reactivated again. However, if your decision to delete your Snapchat account is already firm, you just have to refrain from logging in to your account for 30 consecutive days. After 30 days, it will be permanently deleted by Snapchat.

Regarding your Snapchat photos and videos, you need to grab them all before you decide to delete your account so you will still have a copy of it. Make sure to this before going through the deletion process.


Thanks for informing us about the 30 days deactivation period ruling of Snapchat. At least when I decide to delete my Snapchat account, and somehow, changed my mind after a few days, I know that I can still get back my Snapchat account! :smirk:

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Why would someone want to delete their Snapchat account? :thinking:

I guess, they just grew tired of their Snapchat account, or wants to detox from Social Media that’s why they want to delete it :thinking: :sweat_smile:

Yes! I’m happy to inform you. deleting our account, in here Snapchat, should not be done impulsively! I think snapchat already had that in mind :sweat_smile:

HAHA, i think they grew tired of snapchat or maybe they found another social media app that fits better to their liking. And then ended up deleting their snapchat account lol

an update, just had my snapchat account deleted :rofl: :rofl: