How To Change Your Age On Tiktok

I accidentally input the wrong details of my birthday upon signing up on Tiktok, so my age was incorrect. I checked Tiktok settings but there’s no direct way to change it, or I just can’t find it? Do you know how to change your age on Tiktok?

I heard that the account will be so limited if I’m under 18 and there’s a chance that Tiktok will also delete my account :worried:


Hey, there’s really no direct way in changing your age or your birthday on Tiktok. I suggest you delete your current account and create anew one to change your age.

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If you are really at the right age and you just input the wrong age on Tiktok you can try to report a problem on Tiktok and they will be requiring you to submit an ID for verification.

That way, they can change your birthday and correct your age on Tiktok! Hope this helps :pray:t2:

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Is it important to change your age on Tiktok? Just create a new account and input the correct one if it’s really that important. Less hassle :smiley:

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Hello! Thanks for the suggestion! Yes, I deleted my old Tiktok account already and created a new one just to avoid the changing of age problem.

Thanks for the suggestion, was able to resolve the age issue on Tiktok already!
Thanks thanks :star_struck:

Exactly what I did. Though, at first, I didn’t thought changing the age on tiktok wouldn’t be that of a hassle. Boy, was I mistaken :woman_facepalming:t2: