How To Change Tiktok Username

It’s understandable to grow weary with your social media usernames or even to change it just so you can align it with all of your Social Media accounts in different platforms.

In other Social Media platforms like Facebook or Instagram, you can create your own username upon signing up, but that’s not the case for Tiktok. Tiktok app gives you a unique username upon registration that’s why new Tiktokers’ question in mind has always been how to change tiktok username.

It’s really very simple. You just have to login to your Tiktok account, select your profile icon and click “edit profile”. In the Edit Profile section, you will see the username field, tap your existing username, delete that one and create your preferred username. It has to be unique for it to save properly, you will be notified once the username that you came to like has been taken by another user. If that happens, you have no other choice but to try again for another username up until it has saved properly. That only means you have successfully created a unique username for your usage only.

By the way, you can only do this on your Tiktok mobile application since Tiktok is not actually available on PC! It doesn’t have a desktop version.

An important thing to note is that you can only change your username after every 30 days! If you just recently changed it, you must wait up until 30 days before you can change it to another username to your liking. That’s why you really have to think it through first before changing it because you will end up being stuck to that username for a month eventually. That only means you can only change it on Tiktok once every month! That’s their internal ruling so Tiktok can prevent spamming and cyberbullying.

I hope this post will be able to help those who want to change their Tiktok username but doesn’t know how how to do it.


I didn’t know about that 30 days ruling before I can change my Tiktok username :thinking:
This is news to me, thank you! :relaxed:

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This is great! I’m planning to change my Tiktok username so I can pattern it with my Instagram username! :dancing_women:

This is very easy and straightforward, they can now change their Tiktok username in seconds :100: :100:

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