How to archive videos in TikTok?

Ever feel like posting a TikTok video at a certain time and then feels like deleting it days after? I think most of us do, not just on music or photos but on videos as well. Instead of permanently deleting those, just archiving it would do, since we still have the option to repost it if we feel like it. I think Instagram has the archiving option on their app but TikTok doesn’t have the “archive” option. But you can still hide your TikTok videos by changing the privacy setting of the specific video that you want to hide. Just select it to “private” so you’re the only one who can view it :nerd_face:


If I set that TikTok video on private, will I be able to still set it in public after quite some time? Or does it have an expiration period up until when will I be able to still see it? I think if there’s no limit in time, then it’s as good as the process of archiving the videos :slight_smile:

I think, there’s no such thing as expiration mode regarding the privacy mode of the TikTok videos. So you can really treat that as archive mode.

Why post a video in Tiktok if you will only archive it? :rofl: