How To Add Multiple Photos To Instagram Story

People have been so committed nowadays in updating their Instagram story. It’s like a modern-day illustration of a personal diary, the only thing is it’s not so personal since it’s readily available to the public. And so, Instagram users are getting more and more creative day by day, and many tweaks have been added to Instagram stories. The usual kind of Instagram story is that one picture is attached to one story page. This practice is now outdated and the current trend is that multiple photos can now be added to a single Instagram story page. And why not? It’s more aesthetically pleasing plus more information can be displayed in a single Instagram story. The question is, How to add multiple photos to Instagram story?

For IOS users (no third-party app to be used)

First, you need to launch the Instagram app and capture or upload any photo as a background. Then, go to your gallery and select the photo that you want to add to the story. Click the “share” button in the bottom-left corner and select “copy”. Once you go back to the Instagram app, your copied photo will pop-up as a sticker, then, you can drag it anywhere in the story. Repeat the same process for every photo that you want to add.

For Android users (a third-party app to be used)

Unfortunately, Android phones do not have the option to copy/paste images from your gallery to the Instagram app directly. But it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to do it using android phones. It’s possible by using a third-party keyboard that lets you access the gallery from the keyboard itself. You need to download an app called Toolkit for Instagram - gbox, but this is not available in all countries, an app called Swiftkey can also be used as an alternative. Upon downloading either of these two apps, it should be enabled in settings. Now, if you launch the Instagram app and you click on the landscape icon next to GIFs, you can now see your gallery and you can start selecting which photos to add in your Instagram story.

Using Instagram Sticker Feature (not all users have this feature)

Upon checking the Instagram stickers, if you happen to see an icon that looks like a “camera”, that means you can add multiple camera shots on your Instagram story. And if you happen to see an icon that looks like a “gallery”, that means that you can add multiple photos from your gallery in your Instagram story. It’s that simple!

Using Instagram Layout Feature (built-in or app)

You can also add multiple photos to your Instagram story by using the built-in Layout feature on Instagram or by using the separate Instagram layout app. By using it, you can combine two or more photos and collage them in a grid-type kind of frame.

There are several ways on how to perfectly add multiple photos in an Instagram story and sometimes you have to check and try which one will work for the device that you have or see which is the most convenient way for you to execute it.


Hey, I’ve been trying to add multiple photos to my Instagram Story but I just don’t know how that’s why my story creates so many pages. Thanks for this tip! :star_struck: :star_struck:

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The built-in Instagram Layout feature was very helpful. I didn’t know about that, that’s why I have downloaded a dedicated app to collage my pictures to upload in my Instagram story. Now, I can delete that app and I can start using the Layout feature :see_no_evil: :heartbeat:

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In my case, I tried using the Instagram Sticker Feature and searched for the “gallery” icon but I think I don’t have that feature yet, I only have the “camera” icon. And so, I tried the other feature for Android users and I was able to successfully do it! Thanks for the many suggestions :heart_eyes: :wink:

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