How do you schedule your TikTok posts?

Hello :wave:

Is there anyone here who schedules their TikTok posts?
How do you do that? Cause I can’t figure it out. Also, it says that I need to have a business account first which I don’t like. Is it still possible to schedule these posts even without a business account?

I think you need to use a laptop or PC to be able to schedule your TikTok posts, so basically I think you can’t do it on your phone, maybe you can try that out.

I think you can put it in your drafts up until it’s time to upload, not sure how you can schedule it automatically. I know you can do it in other Social Media platforms, not sure if it’s the same with TikTok.

Do you guys know any apps or software where I can schedule my TikTok posts?

Have you tried using “TikTok scheduler” app for scheduling your posts?

I haven’t. Let me try this app, maybe this one can really allow me to schedule my posts ahead of time. Thanks!