How do people maintain having little to no Social Media?

I’ve been contemplating why I feel like being lazy and out of focus recently. And I think Social media has something to do with it. I almost want to just mindlessly scroll all day on my phone. So I’m curious how people maintain having little to no social media these days, for me, it’s almost impossible in this digital age we are in now :thinking:

I know it was doubly hard, especially with the pandemic hitting, where we only have social media to rely on communicating and maintaining our relationships. But I think I manage my social media by limiting my usage per day and making it a point to meet with my friends personally not just chatting with them or commenting on their posts.

I’m choosing to meet with the people that I love and care about instead of just chatting with them that’s why I can survive with no social media cause I still have a social life.

I think having little to even not having Social Media is a tough choice since almost everyone has it. Although you are technically disconnected you might really feel disconnected from your peers cause you can’t relate to the things that they are seeing and experiencing there.

I think you can maintain having no Social media by focusing on other stuff like hobbies or sports or traveling for the sake of exploring and not bragging online.