First TikTok video

Does the first video of your TikTok account affect the visibility of my account in the long term? I want to create a TikTok account for my small business, and so I’m thinking if I need to come up with something engaging so it will set the tone for my account, or should I not put that much effort into my first TikTok video :slightly_smiling_face:

I think there’s no such thing. As long as you create good and engaging videos regardless of the reception of your first TikTok video, your succeeding videos will not be affected by it.

Your first TikTok video’s engagement rate will not affect your succeeding videos. Every video is a fresh start.

Your first TikTok video might not affect your account’s visibility but with your first TikTok video, you’ll be able to see your growth and progress, and how far you’ve come. So just post it!

I know you want to start on a good note by coming up with an engaging first post but if that consumes a lot of contemplation on your end and delays you from getting out there, might as well post it right away and just improve in the long run. You can link it here so we can also enjoy your first TikTok video.

Just come up with something interesting on your very first TikTok video, it doesn’t have to be perfect, just interesting enough so people will follow you, then you’ll have more views down the line…

Finally, I’ve posted my first TikTok video! I know it’s long overdue