Do I need to have multiple TikTok accounts?

Do I need to create different TikTok accounts for different niches I’m interested in? I currently have one but I feel like it’s a bit random and unorganized due to several niches of my posts.

I think, having multiple accounts for different niches is unnecessary as long as your videos are clearly defined. And it’s not so chaotic and out-of-the-blue content

You should assess yourself, maybe select 2-3 niches that you feel like you’re interested in and an expert on. Then, have separate TikTok accounts for those niches.

Maybe having multiple TikTok accounts would be more organized and curated but it would maybe divide your audience and views.

Maybe you don’t have to create multiple TikTok accounts, just set a schedule for every niche. If you’re uploading weekly, set a certain niche every week.
Wk 1 - niche 1
Wk 2 - niche 2

and so forth, you get my point. Or if you’re uploading multiple times a week, set a schedule on a daily basis.

I agree with this one, that way, your followers will be looking forward to your content, and they will know what to expect given the timing of your TikTok uploads.

I think having multiple TikTok accounts would tire you out in managing and maintaining it instead of having just one account.

I think I’m leaning more to just having one account now instead of having multiple TikTok accounts

Just create one TikTok account for now and see the feedback of people with it. If most of the comments are confused with your niche, then proceed with creating multiple TikTok accounts.

I agree on this one. Just test the waters first and let it determine what you will do next. Just open your TikTok account for now and upload your content.