Did tiktok remove some of their features or is there a problem on my tiktok app or account?

Does anyone know the “username viewed the video you shared” feature on TikTok? CAuse I just realized recently that I can no longer see that feature anymore. Here’s what I did, I tried to share using a friend’s TikTok app, and it confirms that my username shared it with them. But when I click on my friend’s link that they shared, I can’t see that they shared it with me.

Can’t seem to figure that out. So is this feature still on or did TikTok remove it already?

Now it dawned on me that I also don’t have that feature anymore, I think I noticed that quite a few times, I just didn’t realize it though.

Not sure if TikTok is allocating some features or there’s a bug :rofl:

I also just realized, I think it’s related to this, my brother’s TikTok app still shows suggestions from his phone’s contacts but mine doesn’t, so maybe there’s really an issue with my phone or the app in my phone has a bug, ut last time I checked the app is up to date though

It might be a bug because mine still reflects the “suggested friends”.
But I’m still not really sure because there are several features that I know of and use that are no longer available, maybe it’s already just out of date or a bug, I don’t know anymore as well.

If only their support is supportive enough this will be taken care of

Actually, this is what I’ve noticed in several apps not sure if this applies to TikTok in particular.

Application features are attached and usually vary from one’s account, sim card, and country. So if I change my sim from one to another, I would totally get an addition of 2-3 features, or maybe some features would be gone or not applicable in my country, if that makes sense.