Can I monetize my YouTube channel?

Can I monetize my YouTube channel even when I only do song covers of other artists? I’ve noticed that on videos that I watched, they are saying that they don’t get paid for it, but there are still ads within the video. I don’t quite get it, does it mean all the money ads in that video goes to the original artist and none to the cover artist?

I think you can monetize it, but certainly, not 100% of the revenue will go to you. I’m not sure what the percentage breakdown is. But seeing so many cover videos on various YouTube channels, maybe they are doing it because it’s their passion I guess?

I’ve read or maybe watched somewhere that the cover artist can gain 50% of the revenue and 50% goes to the original artist. I’m not sure if this is verified info, but I guess it’s not a bad deal. I would still personally do covers even without YouTube monetization just because I like doing it!

copyright won’t allow you I guess. So I think you can monetize your uploads if it’s original songs and not covers.

If you really aim to monetize your YouTube channel, create your own stuff not just covers, I guess.

I think I’ll just stick to covering songs and uploading them on Youtube not minding about monetizing my channel since it’s my passion anyway.

If you’re really passionate about something, monetizing it will just be secondary. Just do you :slight_smile: