Asian Instagram Models

We always see Instagram models coming from the Western World but rarely do we see Asian Instagram Models. But recently, they are slowly getting into the limelight. It’s good that even Asian people can also use the Instagram platform to showcase whatever they have. They are more visible now and even setting the trend instead of just following the trend!

Asian represent here :raising_hand_woman:t2:


That’s cool! It’s good that not only western influencers are dominating Instagram. Even Asian people can become Instagram models as well! I think it’s mostly dominated by South Korea, Japan, and China. But really any race can dominate aside from Asians or westerners, let’s celebrate diversity! :partying_face: :dancer:t2:

Actually, these days, Asian people or Asian Instagram models are making noises. Though sometimes, it’s a mix of good or bad feedback. But yeah, they are more recognized now and even comparable to the seasoned western Instagram models.

Asians should be celebrated, not hated! Not just because there are Asian Instagram models nowadays, there are so many industries that they excel as well :wink: