Are you happy with TikTok filters?

I’m really frustrated with the filters in TikTok, or the default in the app, it makes my nose look bigger than it really is, like double its size. Can’t help but compare their filters with Snapchat. Is it me or are you having the same experience?

Do you have any recommended filters that do your face some justice or just make it looks natural?

I would appreciate some suggestions. Thanks! :pray:

I think it’s a camera issue not an issue with TikTok. Check how your face looks and changes when the focal length and distance changes

I’m a bit fond of cameras and so I think this is not an issue with the camera’s phone cause I experience the same thing. Filming with my default camera vs filming with TikTok camera yields very different results!
So I really think default and added filters @TikTok sucks :face_vomiting: