Any down side to storing raw footage as unpublished YT videos?

I currently shoot my make up tutorial videos in 4k which is great, but it takes up so much space on my laptop, and I have reached my limits on Google Drive and Drop Box.

I have been thinking about uploading my raw footage to YT and leaving it there for storage as an unpublished video.

What do you think?

Any down side?

I have seen this is a top tip by many creators behind big channels.

There are posts on reddit which suggest you should not do this as YouTube could band your entire account for any reason at any time - and you would lose everything!

In my opinion the same thing could happen with dropbox of Google Drive any time…so I think its okay to do.

Why not just pay for a bigger drop box or drive?

I just saw drop box provided unlimited storage for $20 a month, maybe I will use YouTube and drop box as a back up, thanks for the reply @Tok_Zilla

It should be okay if the content you are storing is within YouTube policies.

Although there’s nothing actually wrong with using YouTube for video storage, I personally wouldn’t rely on it too much. A lot of quality is lost when you upload a video. Furthermore if anything goes wrong you could lose things.

I personally would not trust youtube.