Aesthetic Instagram Icon

Where do you usually edit your Instagram icons for them to be more aesthetic? Aesthetic Instagram icons and posts are the trends today, I want to keep up! :heart_decoration: :heart_decoration:


For Instagram Icons, I just use the default filters on the Instagram app itself :heart_eyes:

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I use VSCO app to make my Instagram icons and posts to look cool and aesthetic :100: :dizzy:

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There are so many app out there where you can choose from. As for me, I edit my pictures in picsart! I achieve my desired aesthetic Instagram icon there, always :100: :100:

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Mostly, Instagram influencers create their own filters nowadays, and their followers can use those filters for their Instagram posts, stories, or icons.

This is really one of my go to editing apps recently, VSCO app, very aesthetic indeed, sometimes I also use it together with Adobe Lightroom app

This is also a cool editing app. But personally, I don’t think picsart can produce aesthetic images, it’s more of creative and colorful edits. That’s just how I see it